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Mouse in a House - Practice your Technique

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Foreshortened SQUARE - Technique Building

Foreshortened Squares

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  • Mouse in a House - Practice your Tech...

    It looks like our cat is on patrol duties and is looking for some mice! Let's take your newly learned technique on drawing forshortened squares and have some fun! (check out the short technique video in GETTING STARTED if you haven't yet). Our mice seem to have found a great hiding place from ...

  • Melting Ice Cube

    Every ice cubes worst fear.....melting!!!! You would think that by now, water would get used to changing states. You know about the 3 states of water, right? ...solid...liquid....and gas. (we won't talk about sublimation though, you can google that). My science teacher would love to know I ca...

  • A Present

    It's gift giving time! What present are you going to give? Well, if you have a hard time deciding on a present for someone, why not draw them a present? You can imagine what is inside this beautifully wrapped gift box. Make your gift as large or as small as you want. "Yesterday is history, t...