"GLORY" Wings of Fire Dragon Series - Watercolor

"GLORY" Wings of Fire Dragon Series - Watercolor

During this lesson, I will take your student step by step in painting GLORY from the “WINGS of Fire” Dragon Series with WATERCOLOR paints. First we will go over supplies needed to make the artwork. Then we will rough sketch out the outline of the art subject being painted.
Then the detailed painting fun begins! Learn how to mix the colors, what items to paint first and how to add fine details.

Of course, it takes time and hard work to improve your painting, but lots of practice will help get you there! Your artist will build confidence!

Watercolor Painting Class Supplies :
~ Paper - watercolor paper 9 x 12
~ Pencil and eraser.
~ 2 qty - Jars of water
~ Paper towels or napkins.
~ Paint brushes - variety of all sizes.
~ Paint Palette for watercolor (Lid from Paint tray)
~ Watercolor Paint - (NOT oil paint or Acrylic).
~ Black Marker
Please look at the art piece to see all colors of paint needed.
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Thank You!

~ Artist Emily Albright
Email: artwithalbright@gmail.com

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"GLORY" Wings of Fire Dragon Series - Watercolor

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