Learn How to DRAW Realistic Burrowing Owl

Learn How to DRAW Realistic Burrowing Owl

During this hour class, I will take your student step by step in creating this realistic Burrowing Owl. We love to draw these fascinating creatures and talk about their uniqueness! From building the shape, to adding the details, depth, shading, and texture! Drawing realistic animals is a great way for your artist to draw what they love by learning the proper terms and techniques!
Drawing is something you can practice continually and still find room for improvement. IF you’re looking to sharpen your skills, there are three areas you can focus on. The first is the construction or building of your subject; making construction sketches lightly on the page is an essential habit that saves time and produces consistency when drawing the same object in different poses. Another area is simplification, or breaking things down into their most basic elements. Finally, focus on expressing volume and weight through highlights and shadows. Of course, it takes time and hard work to improve your drawing, but following these tips will help get you there! Your artist will build confidence!

Art develops problem-solving skills.
Art engages the creative mind.
Art will allow you to express emotions that may be difficult in other ways (words / social interactions).
Art will build confidence in your abilities.
Art allows connection with other people.
Art develops fine motor skills.
Art is FUN!

Recommended Supplies:
Smooth white paper 8 1/2 x 11
Pencils HB, 2B, 4B
Erasers - plastic (white) & Kneaded
*see examples of supplies in the extras section

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Learn How to DRAW Realistic Burrowing Owl

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