Paint ~ Watercolor Sea Turtle

Paint ~ Watercolor Sea Turtle

Explore and Create Fun Watercolor Paintings - A Beautiful Sea Turtle

In this class we will Explore and Create using Watercolor Paints! Let me take your artist step by step to learn the fun world of watercolor paints

Watercolor Paints are so much fun that we just have to create and paint more and more! At the beginning of class I will go over the supplies needed and how to set up your work space. Then I will take your student step by step through the process of drawing the cute Alien body using shapes. Next, let the exciting part begin! I will show your artist how to paint with watercolor paints, blow the paint using a straw, and splatter the paint for water effects! Please cover your work area as some of the splatters will miss the paper! While we let the paint dry we will play a little memory game sure to become your artists favorite! When the paint is dray we will use markers to embellish our fancy fish! This class is interactive, so I will be able to help if they have a question or if they have ideas they want to share! My goal is to inspire your artist to be creative and to build their confidence!

Recommended Watercolor Painting Class Supplies :
Paper - watercolor paper 9 x 12
Pencil and eraser
2 qty - Jars of water
Paper towels or napkins
Paint brush
Paint tray for watercolor (I use the lid from my paint tray)
Paint - watercolor paints
(I will be using Winsor & Newton)

Art develops problem solving skills.
Art engages the creative mind.
Art will allow you to express emotions that may be difficult in other ways (words / social interactions).
Art will build confidence in your abilities.
Art allows connection with other people.
Art develops fine motor skills.
Art is FUN!

Paint ~ Watercolor Sea Turtle
  • Paint ~ Watercolor Sea Turtle

    Supplies needed:
    Paper - watercolor paper or multi media - or a canvas.
    Pencil and eraser.
    Black felt tip marker
    2 qty - Jars of water.
    Paper towels or napkins.
    Paint brushes - variety of all sizes.
    Paint tray - plastic for mixing colors
    Paint - depending on the class - watercolor paints or acryl...

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